Split is our cry of war-the Adriatic Question resurfaces

This presentation was given at the symposium in Graz ‘Nationalism in times of uncertainty’ at the panel ‘Nationalism after Empire- Contesting territory and identity after World War One’. The ‘scramble for the Adriatic’ surfaced tempestuously on the international arena with the 1915 Treaty of London. ´there is no reason why we should not acquiesce in … Read more

Diplomatiewelle zwischen Bismark und Wilson- die stürmische Adriafrage 1915-1921

This lecture was given at the Budapest Mitteleuropa Zentrum on the occasion of a symposium about diplomatic history in may 2018: ´Kontinuitäten und Diskontinuitäten-vom Wandel der diplomatischen Praxis 1814/15-1946-Orte der Diplomatie´. Meine Forschung setzt sich mit der Adriafrage in der britische Diplomatie zwischen 1915-20 auseinander. Die Adria stellte eine wichtige (See-)Verbindung zwischen dem Mittelmeerraum, dem … Read more

The travelling Scots’s ‘New Europe’

‘The savagery of Prussia and the stupidity of Austria are now combined. Mercilessness and muddle-headedness are met together; unrighteousness and unreasonableness have kissed each other’ GK Chesterton 1915 On the centenary of the Vienna congress, a young, alienated and toothless mind sprang his tortured anxiety over Austro-Hungary: ‘But how would things go if all tranquility, … Read more

Centenary of 1915 secret treaty through comedy

One hundred years ago, on the 23 May 1915, as the tragedy of the First World War showed no sign of abating, Italy joined the destructive conflict ostensibly to secure strategic territory around the Eastern Adriatic. A century later, in Postojna, an Erasmus+ youth project featuring comedy improvisation brought together young people from many of … Read more

Italian plans for the Eastern Adriatic

This is an extract from a chapter ‘Italian plans for the Eastern Adriatic’ that will be publishing in 2017 as part of a book ´The First World War in the Balkans´ ‘Italy is a land which draws the breath of life from the sea. Her two lungs are the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic…if you take … Read more

Erste EU Strategie für den Donauraum Jugendplatform- Learning pathways to social cohesion

  Geselleschaftliche Teilhabe beibehalten, Sozialkompetenzen lernen und soziale Mobilität üben? Wie kann man das alles auf transnationalem Niveau erreichen? Wo kann man diese Schlagwörter, mit gezielten Projekten, auf regionalem Niveau, im Donauraum aufbauen? Die Antwort lautet: in Wien. Mit einem EU geförderten und interkativen Seminar. In December 2014 fand das erste Treffen für der EU … Read more

Hinge + Hybrid – Hoofs = Regional identity in Istria?

This paper was given at the symposium organised by the Institute for Danube and Central Europe in Vienna. The theme was ‘Remembrance culture and common histories in the Danube region’.   How do you successfully overcome the hallucinations of history in a region that successively experienced the twin totalitarianisms of fascism and communism? During the … Read more

The Treaty of London 1915- historic event, experience and memory

The Treaty of London in 1915 resulted in Italy being promised large parts of the Eastern Adriatic in return for switching, as the media described it then ‘one million bayonets’ to the Entente.‘ Britain and the allies believed that the unbreakable Western Front could be turned by an attack through Italy. Lloyd George himself felt … Read more

Renegades or revolutionaries? Co-operation and confrontation between Italians and Slavs in Istria

This paper was given at the Wiener Osteuropaforum Symposium on ‘Ethno-political conflicts between the Adriatic and the Aegean in the 1940s’ in July 2014 The slide shows the Italian ‘Pino Budicin’ battalion marching into Pula on VE day 8 May 1945. With its well-preserved Roman arena, the magnificent marble stones sang a fundamental truth for … Read more