Super Split sinks Danube Pirates

The Austrian reigning rugby champions, the Danube Pirates were sunk in Split by last year’s winners, RK Nada (Split-Croatia) by 8-68. Since their historic quarter final win over the Hungarian Esztergomi Vitézek, the leading Austrian club had been training hard. This included video-recording all of their matches for subsequent feedback sessions. The professional approach to … Read more

Reconciling former enemies

During the Yugoslav wars, some 55,000 refugees sought shelter in Austria. Today, twenty years on, a reconciliation project started in Salzburg is helping former foes come together. It hopes to reconcile war veterans of the previously hostile ethnic groups. The project is headed by Belgrade-born Nenad Vukosavljević. The 44-year-old had refused to fight in the … Read more

Croatian ball is older than Croatia

Croatians have been organising balls in Austria ever since they were constitutionally recognised as a nation within the Habsburg monarchy in 1867-8. The first official Croatian ball in Vienna in fact occurred only shortly after Burgenland voted to become part of Austria in the early 1920s. That tradition is still strong today – and so … Read more